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About Us

HiTecDis was created by professionals and experts from the photo and video industry, with an unique and long experience with manufacturers.

HiTecDis is dedicated to body-worn cameras and related comprehensive solutions.

HiTecDis advantages:

  • Excellent knowledge of the market, technology and trends.
  • Daily work with our manufacturers.
  • Reactivity and flexibility for our Customers.
  • Cost-optimised products.

We accompany the client and guide him to the right solutions for his needs.

Our Markets

Body worn cameras can be implemented in many use cases, as mentioned below. Wearing a camera gives many advantages to the personnel and the organisation.

In general, it prevents significantly the amount of incidents and attacks. In case of offenses and prosecution of their perpetrators, gathering of evidence is much easier to gather for inquiries or court proceedings. Last but not least, for your staff, wearing a camera improves its behaviour and pedagogy.

Our Offer

Our offer is full comprehensive from the cameras to the docking stations, through software.

We offer to our clients an adjusted solutions for his needs. We can customised our products for him.

Data storage as well as data security and integrity is one of our main concerns. We work with companies providing the know-how and integration efforts for our clients.


With a close work with manufacturing, and a good undestanding of our client's needs, we provide ad-hoc solutions.


Products have a extended warranty of two years. Much longer than what the competition usually proposes.


We have an international aftersales service, directly with us or with our country partners and distributors.

Our Products

We offer comprehensive solutions, including cameras, docking stations, management software and accessories.

All our cameras are water proof, dust proof and shock proof. They have GPS and - in most of the cases - WiFi. Cameras are delivered with standard accessories and software.

All our cameras have such functionalities as wide recording angle, night vision, pre-recording, post-recording, snapshot during video recording.

Each camera is secured at least with paswoord protection ; it includes also device ID and user ID, as well as watermark on the video.

For specific needs, we work with the client to build a customised camera - not listed here - including with firmware and software.

Light and robust. 2" LCD screen. Ultra secured for data.

Ultra-compact Camera. No screen with all main key features. Effortless usage.

Ultra resistant camera with very long lasting battery.

Ultra-compact Camera with very long lasting battery. No screen with all main key features. Effortless usage.

Standard camera with long lasting battery. Up-to-date functionalities.

Top camera with full set of functionalities , including live streaming thanks embedded 4G/ LTE.

Docking station for 20 cameras. Simultaneous downloading and charging. Onboard computer with 19.0" screen and software.

Docking station for 8 cameras. Simultaneous downloading and charging. to be plug to an external computer. Software included.

Docking station for 8 cameras. Simultaneous downloading and charging. Onboard computer with 7.0" screen and software.

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